Take your marketing campaigns to new heights with AR.

AR technology has tremendous potential to help brands differentiate against competitors. However, given the present situation, it is extremely difficult and complex to build single purpose AR apps.

Brands need to collaborate with platforms to create AR Content which brings a lot of advantages, the foremost being a larger installation base of our app. Technology is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to developing an AR app as expertise is major concern. So, what’s the way out?

Partner up with industry leaders and make use of an existing cost effective platform, let PixzAR worry about the technology hurdles!

complete brand control

Complete Brand Control

PixzAR's powerful back-end allows us to have complete control over content. Incorporate every possible feature that you have always wanted to. Our solutions allow customization of anything and everything from the back-end.

Improved ROI

AR can help improve customer engagement levels and even build tremendous loyalty. All you have to do is get your content to us! A few clicks and you can have your AR Experience within minutes. Minimal work coupled with maximum results is how you gain.

improved roi
world class technical support

World Class Technical Support

Our engineers are available to offer you complete technical assistance at any stage. Be it developing custom assets for your AR Experiences or solving a technical query, we are always available for you to create those mesmerizing experiences for your customers.

Eliminate Development Cost

Focus on creating your custom AR Experiences without worrying about the development. There is no programming and coding expertise required to use our solution. You save lots of money as the entire development cost is eliminated completely.

eliminate development cost
accelerate marketing advertising efforts

Accelerate Marketing & Advertising Efforts

Build AR Experiences within minutes and start marketing your products before your competitors to establish a strong foothold in your industry.

Create unmatched AR Content at the most cost effective rates!