What is a Trigger?

  • A Trigger is the image that can be sent to upload@pixzar.co.za.
  • A trigger can be a business card, Logo, Tattoo, etc.
  • You and others will scan the image with the PixzAR App.

Examples of Triggers;

  • Pictures of Houses 
  • Business cards 
  • Logo’s 
  • Cars 
  • Many many more! To find out more please contact us!

What is Content

  • Your Facebook page link or any other Social media handle that you may want to direct the scanner/user to.
  • E.G. Take a picture (Trigger) of your business card and send the link (content) of your website to upload@pixzar.co.za. Wait for a confirmation email from the team and you ready to scan!


What can you link a Trigger to?

A trigger can be linked to;

  • YouTube video links
  • Website links that shows your services or products.
  • WhatsApp Chat (Just send your contact number and the message you would like to pop up,)
  • Social Media Links / profiles 
  • Descriptions of a specific product /service
  • Nutritional Values of food
  • E.G. You could provide your business card as a trigger image and we could link it to WhatsApp. If your client downloads PixzAR, they then scan your business card, it will automatically take them to a WhatsApp chat with you.
  • info@pixzar.co.za
  • 57 Bonness Summerway Road, Lakefield, Benoni 1501, South Africa

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