What is Pixzar?

PixzAR is the world’s most powerful and highly efficient platform for building AR enabled mobile campaigns. Whether you are a budding start-up, SME or an established organization, PixzAR can create amazing AR campaigns in less time and at cost-effective rates.

Who can use pixzar?

Anyone can use PixzAR! You don’t need to be a technical or programming expert.. PixzAR allows you to build specific Marketing campaigns for industries such as Education, Retail, PR & Advertising, Print & Publishing, Real Estate, Travel and many more

how much does the app cost?

Anyone can use the App for FREE, uploading of content may be subject to cost. Please contact us for more information.

How can I augment my images?

After downloading and installing the PixzAR App, email your trigger (image) and content to upload@pixzar.co.za
Upon receiving the confirmation that your request has been completed, Go and SCAN!

can i scan anything using the pixzar app?

As much as we would like this to be true, you have to provide us with the content to scan.

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  • 57 Bonness Summerway Road, Lakefield, Benoni 1501, South Africa

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