Discover & Unfold New Experiences
with the magic of AR

Get your content Augmented now.

No more waiting for months to get your AR App. Out cloud-backed platform allows you to get your AR Campaigns in a few hours.

Intuitive Dashboard

A robust dashboard simplifies uploading trackables and augmentation assets. This enables PixzAR to create your custom augmented experiences very quickly.

100% custom, unique AR Experiences

Choose from multiple plans as per your requirements and get started right away. We will work closely with you to get all required content and design your AR Experience.


Plans have been designed in a way to help you build custom AR Experiences at affordable prices. Whether you are a start-up or a large-sized business enterprise, PixzAR caters to your specific needs.

Wearable Tech Compatible

PixzAR allows you to build glass-ready AR Content for industry-specific purposes. Be it building content for Google Glass, Meta’s SpaceGlasses or Atheer One, our platform lets you build futuristic AR Experiences.

Unbeatable Security

We understand the utmost importance of your content. PixzAR is equipped with flawless security features to protect your creative ideas/content.

Features that bring your products to life!


Excellent text recognition and 2D/3D Tracking


Overlay interactive 2D/3D content including images, graphics, models, animation & lot more


Dynamically update and manage target images using Cloud

Rely on PixzAR to Build Custom AR Experiences for Your Industry

Every industry has a specific target audience to cater to. Therefore, PixzAR has been engineered in a way to help you build industry specific AR Experiences with complete ease. The platform allows you to create wonderful experiences to address the needs of your existing and potential customers.

Print & Publishing

PR & Advertising



Healthcare & Life sciences

Real Estate

e Learning

Let your students have fun while learning.

Teach complex subjects ranging from advanced algebra to as simple as basic science or history in the simplest and engaging manner! Create custom content that allows students to understand concepts effectively. Explore how AR can help transform the education landscape.

Get your AR Campaign started now.