Take your students on an incredible journey into the breath-taking World of Medicine with AR Content

When it comes to providing medical training, doctors & surgeons face huge difficulties in providing an actual view of a real-life situation. With AR, students can delve deeper into the world of medicine and start learning about surgical procedures, diagnosis and a lot more in a new way.

Build AR Content for mobile devices and smartglasses using PixzAR to make learning immersive. As a physician, we can build your own AR Content to offer training aid for health education as well as medical diagnosis.

AR Content allows you to render and combine data in real-time having a view of a real patient. It gives you an ‘anatomical vision’ inside of the patient’s body. What’s more, you can even overlay 3D dense objects to represent patients’ organs to deliver interactive lectures to your students.


Dentistry training usually involves close supervision of students while they interact with patients. However, at times, students face difficulty in this type of training because there are complicated cases requiring prolonged treatment. When there are real complex scenarios, training gets restricted for students.

Traditional training methods such as these combine theoretical learning and laboratory practice, which is quite costly & time-consuming.

PixzAR lets you engineer specific content for dentistry education and training to make learning less complicated and more effective for your students.

  • View and manipulate 3D models showing oral cavity
  • Virtual tooth drilling within the oral cavity
  • Get aid during oral and maxillofacial surgeries
  • Virtual surgical planning using computer-generated images
  • Improve oral implantology with enhanced diagnosis & better treatment planning
  • Teach the correct use of dental instruments


Use AR Content that uses the camera display for simulating the impact of specific conditions on eye-vision. Students find it challenging to understand the effects of various conditions including Age-related Macular Degeneration. With PixzAR you can create powerful content that can explain the impact of AMD and in turn speed up the entire process.

  • Physiology of the Eye
  • Physiology & Neurology of the Vision
  • Elementary Optics
  • Eye Diseases
  • Ocular Symptomatology
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Surgical Training


Build wolrd class AR Content with unmatched tracking capabilities and world-class performance with PixzAR. This content allows you to teach anatomy subjects with complete ease and flexibility.

Current anatomy learning consists of textbooks that consist of 2D colored images, e-resources and even cadaver dissection. The last option is indeed very expensive and hence cannot be used by everyone.

By creating AR Content with PixzAR, you can superimpose digital information on anatomical visual models to improve explanation and understanding of complex organs. This content also allows students to view different layers of organs, nerves and blood vessels in the most efficient manner.

  • Skeletal Systems
  • Muscular Systems
  • Respiratory Organs
  • Nervous System, Spinal Cord
  • Urinary & Reproductive Systems
  • Cardiovascular System
complex surgeries

Complex Surgeries

Offering training to medical students regarding surgical procedures can be very difficult. However with AR, the entire process can get a lot easier and quicker. AR Content allows you to train students about surgery with absolute precision. Teach the following with absolute ease.

  • Surgical Oncology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Liver Surgery
  • Otolaryngology
  • Skull-based Surgery

Laparoscopic Training

When it comes to cholecystectomy, bariatric and reflux surgery, laparoscopic procedures are of paramount importance. Now, laparoscopic surgeries are quite complex when compared to other types of surgery. Surgeons have to be extremely proficient in handling the new instruments, dealing with counter-intuitive manipulation of instruments and a lot more. This is a minimally invasive approach and quite difficult to teach these procedures with accuracy to medical students.

By building unique AR Content for mobile devices and smartglasses using PixzAR, your students can learn these complex processes in an interactive and efficient manner. AR Content can help intensify laparoscopic surgery education considerably.

laparoscopic training
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