Empower Your Students To Learn Business Concepts Easily With Help Of Augmented Reality!

Management, Business Studies, Law

Business studies can be taught in a more interactive way using AR. PixzAR lets you create incredible AR Content that can help students learn management subjects like accounting, statistics, law in a more effective way.

Specific AR Gaming Content can be developed for mobile devices to make students understand about strategy. This content can help improve the problem solving skills of students.

Hotel Management Studies can be made more interesting with AR. For instance, content can be createed to help students learn cooking culinary dishes like never before. With the help of smart devices students can actually get real-time instructions on how to cook a particular cuisine. Ain’t it amazing!

films & media

Film, Media & Journalism

Imagine if you could teach your students the history of journalism in an interactive way. Think about the impact if your students could have an immersive experience while reading those textbooks consisting of static 2D images. Well, AR can help make media & journalism a lot more interesting.

  • Make event reporting more relevant by adding real-time information.
  • Teach picture editing including the use of software programs, graphics, illustrations etc. in a more engaging way.
  • Let your students learn about crime and legal affairs with the help of digital information overlaid in the form of 3D models, animation, video etc.
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