Make Learning Historical Events Fun & Entertaining

Let your students walk through historical events and actually see how a specific cultural landmark was built centuries ago.

PixzAR lets you build entertaining content to teach history and social science to students in a more meaningful way. When your students are given the ability to unlock digital information on monuments and landmarks, they have a better understanding about that particular event and are able to remember the details more precisely.


Learning geography using traditional methods can be difficult. Create wonderful content using PixzAR that allows your students to have a clearer understanding of –

  • Continents, Countries, Cities
  • Solar Systems
  • Climate
  • Water Resources
  • Mountains & Glaciers
  • Soil
  • Oceans & Seas
Economics & Civic

Economics & Civics

Make Economics and Civics more exciting and interesting for your students with Augmented Reality.

  • Political economy
  • Markets
  • Supply & Demand
  • Neoclassical economics
  • Keynesian economics
  • Game theory
  • Ancient theories
  • Political traditions

World History

Imagine a history textbook coming life? How would your students feel seeing historical events right in front of their eyes in real-time? Amazing right! Build powerful content with PixzAR that will allow you to teach history to students in a more exciting way.

  • Take students on virtual tours
  • Showcase how a civilization evolved with time
  • Superimpose digital content on historical paintings
  • Teach country specific history, culture etc.
World History
Teach History and Social Sciences to your students in a compelling way!