Promote real world learning by building fantastic AR Content for mobile and wearable devices

Learning astronomy does sound cool. However there are various complex concepts that students need to master in order to have a fruitful career ahead. Those lengthy text books with static black and white images definitely do not make learning more engaging. AR Content helps make learning astronomy more interactive.

Using PixzAR, you can create powerful AR content with our out-of-the-box features. AR Content allows students to actually interact with stars, galaxies, planets, comets and know how the entire solar system evolved with time. It definitely makes learning more interesting, fun and efficient.


Teach your students how the universe began and evolved to its present form using AR. Overlay interactive video content on text to offer students the best experience.

  • Galaxies
  • Galaxy Clusters
  • Larger Scale Structures
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Universe History
milky way

Milky Way

Let your students understand everything about our Milky Way right from sun to its planetary system in an attractive manner. Bring the static images of Milky Way in text books to life by creating 100% custom AR Content with PixzAR.

  • Stars
  • Stellar Systems
  • Space & Motion of Stars
  • Interstellar Gas
  • Lives & Death of Stars

Energy, Matter & the Universe

Mastering astrophysics can be real tough. With PixzAR, make learning easier for your students by creating easy to use AR Content for mobile and wearable devices.

  • Physical & mathematical concepts
  • Fundamentals of physical forces
  • Equations of motion
  • Elementary particles
  • Electromagnetic nature of light
    the universe
    sun earth

    Sun, Earth & Climate

    Sun, earth and the climate are interesting yet complex topics to learn & understand. AR Content can bring those static images in text books to life, thereby making learning about space & celestial bodies more easier.

    • Space Weather
    • Climate Change
    • Observational Solar Astronomy
    • Solar Terrestrial Physics


    Understanding the connections between biology, chemistry and astronomy is utmost essential for your students. Let your students learn about the chemical compositions of the universe and understand how it delivers the essential molecules and heavier elements for life evolution. Also explain how life developed on earth.

    • Cells, Chromosomes, Nucleic Acids & Proteins
    • Cosmic Panspermia
    • RNA & DNA
    • Life in the Solar System
    • Interstellar Dust & Comets
    • Habitable Planets
      Offer your students a great learning experience by creating magical AR Content with PixzAR