Build Interactive AR Experiences To Revolutionize Education

PixzAR helps teachers and professors make subjects more interesting by allowing them to build engaging educational content for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

PixzAR's smart interface allows you to create 100% tailored AR experiences to improve learning considerably.

Interactive 3D illustrations help them understand complex concepts, be it mathematics or science, more easily and quickly.


of 2 year old kids have used a smartphone or a tablet


of Hosueholds owning hand-held devices say that their kids are already using a smartphone or tablet.

AR for Primary & Secondary Education

Teaching school kids, from Grade R to Grade 12, is quite challenging for teachers. Keeping younger kids engaged with subjects is even more difficult. However, with AR technology, teachers can easily overcome this challenge. Build remarkable AR Experiences with PixzAR to keep students hooked on to your subject like never before. Whether it is teaching basic mathematics, historical events or advanced physics concepts, AR Experiences built using PixzAR, will indeed transform learning.

Explore how AR can help make your subject content more engaging.

AR for Higher Education

AR has already started modernizing the learning and teaching methods when it comes to higher education. Be it teaching aviation mechanics or surgical procedures or body anatomy, PixzAR helps you make advanced AR education content with complete ease! AR based learning content allows your students to interact with rich multi-media content in real-time. When you superimpose a 3D model or animation or video over plain text, education certainly becomes more exciting.

Learn how AR will help revolutionize higher education across the globe.

Take learning to the next level for your students!